Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
1001 4,649,610 Machine tool
1002 4,648,172 Machine tool for having a spindle-head carrier and a spindlehead which is supported swingably thereon
1003 4,646,604 Machine tool, especially a punch
1004 4,646,422 Machine tool
1005 4,643,056 Chip breaking system for automated machine tool
1006 4,642,875 Machine tool with a headstock
1007 4,642,861 Machine tool construction
1008 4,641,236 Programmable machine tool control system
1009 4,640,259 Device for feeding work to machine tool
1010 4,639,180 Equipment for loading bars to be machined on a device for presenting and feeding said bars to a machine tool
1011 4,637,120 Device for changing of tools or the like into the work spindle of a machine tool
1012 4,636,960 Method of operating a machine tool with a sensing probe in order to gather positional data for the calculation of tool offset parameters
1013 4,631,981 Machine tool with two tool changers
1014 4,630,980 Chuck assembly for a machine tool
1015 4,630,944 Gib for machine tool
1016 4,630,215 Machine tool tracer assembly and control system
1017 4,626,299 Method of attaching guideways to a machine tool bed
1018 4,626,150 Machine tool for machining workpieces by chip removal according to a quadric surface of revolution, particularly for super finishing of cylindrical surfaces
1019 4,625,853 Apparatus for the transport of workpieces to and from a machine tool
1020 4,622,874 Means for attaching a tool receiving sleeve to a concave slide of a machine tool
1021 4,622,871 Cutting tool compensator for stationary machine tool
1022 4,621,548 Machine tool holder unit
1023 4,617,720 Automated machine tool having a rotary indexing fixture
1024 4,617,503 Active datum for coordinate reference in a numerically controlled machine tool
1025 4,616,507 Device for assembling/disassembling a reader head on or from its guided scale while this remains secured to a machine tool bed plate
1026 4,616,398 Toolholder for a machine tool
1027 4,616,322 Method and apparatus for preparing spare tools for a machine tool
1028 4,615,652 Cutting tool compensator for rotary machine tool
1029 4,615,099 Machine tool
1030 4,612,832 Multiple-function machine tool with two spindles
1031 4,612,709 Apparatus for measuring positional movement of a numerically controlled machine tool
1032 4,612,690 Multiple spindle machine tool
1033 4,610,595 Closed loop automated workpiece handling system for machine tool
1034 4,610,074 Automatic tool changer of a machine tool
1035 4,608,645 Numerical control system for a machine tool with a tool dimension compensation function
1036 4,607,989 Machine tool
1037 4,604,560 Numerical control machine tool with an emergency origin returning function
1038 4,602,874 Support of a machine tool spindle with cooling device in a headstock
1039 4,597,144 Machine tool
1040 4,593,587 Machine tool utilizing force transmitting joints
1041 4,593,277 Apparatus and method for sensing excessive wear or failure of machine tool
1042 4,590,662 Tool changing machine of machine tool
1043 4,587,716 Machine tool center with multipurpose robot assembly for loading and unloading tooling and workpieces from machine tool
1044 4,587,708 Chuck jaw changer for a machine tool
1045 4,586,860 Spindle head for a machine tool
1046 4,586,597 Apparatus for feeding platelike workpieces to a tool station of a machine tool
1047 4,585,380 Tool attaching device in a machine tool
1048 4,585,377 Numerical-controlled machine tool
1049 4,583,719 Machine tool for stamping, nibbling and thermal cutting and the like
1050 4,583,420 Handwheel actuated machine tool mechanism
21 Machine tool for having a spindle-head carrier and a spindlehead which is supported swingably thereon
22 Numerical controlled machine tool making intermediate measurements
23 Adaptive control system for machine tool or the like
24 Machine tool with automatic tool change function
25 Arrangement for automatically changing clamping jaws of the chuck of a machine tool

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