Machine Tools

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1151 4,414,732 Machine tool with automatic tool change function
1152 4,413,936 Control device in a machine tool
1153 4,413,422 Apparatus for detecting the position of a machine tool spindle
1154 4,409,721 Machine tool with automatic tool change function
1155 4,406,190 Bar stock feed apparatus for a machine tool
1156 4,406,069 Perpendicularity indicator for machine tool and method of operation
1157 4,404,727 Machine tool operable as both a chucking type lathe and as a machining center
1158 4,403,391 Machine tool including a tool transfer mechanism
1159 4,402,642 Machine tool bar feed
1160 4,400,118 Machine tool with bore diameter measuring apparatus and tool position compensating apparatus
1161 4,398,350 Centering controller for a tool electrode on an electrical machine tool
1162 4,396,987 Machine tool and robot control apparatus
1163 4,396,975 Position control system for a closed loop type numerical-controlled machine tool
1164 4,396,974 Method of preparing and executing sequence program for sequence controller used in machine tool control
1165 4,394,608 Machine tool tracing system
1166 4,393,735 Cutting plate carrier insertable in a holder of a machine tool, in particular a lathe tool
1167 4,393,449 Numerically controlled machine tool
1168 RE31,288 Machine tool
1169 4,387,635 Machine tool
1170 4,387,009 Method of operating electrochemical machine tool
1171 4,384,332 Numerically controlled machine tool
1172 4,382,820 Structural composition for machine tool bodies and members
1173 4,382,395 Loading device for a machine tool, particularly for machining panels of sheet metal or other materials
1174 4,382,394 Indexing turret stop for a machine tool
1175 4,375,670 Machine tool for machining crankshafts and control system for the machine tool
1176 4,371,297 Machine tool
1177 4,370,705 Sequence control system for numerically controlled machine tool
1178 4,366,360 Method of and apparatus for determining relative position of a tool member to a workpiece in a machine tool
1179 4,361,061 Machine tool for dressing the end face of an engine cylinder liner
1180 4,360,047 Transportable machine-tool
1181 4,359,814 Machine tool with automatic tool changing
1182 4,358,228 Machine tool
1183 4,356,904 Machine tool
1184 4,356,621 Machine tool with automatic tool change
1185 4,354,404 Arrangement for increasing the precision of a machine tool
1186 4,354,306 Machine tool having replaceable gang heads
1187 4,351,111 Machine tool for scribing arcs and circles
1188 4,351,096 Multiple spindle rotary indexing machine tool
1189 4,348,623 Numerical control system for controlling both a machine tool and a robot
1190 4,347,471 Machine tool drive motor control system
1191 4,343,590 Loader for a machine tool
1192 4,343,077 Automatic tool exchanging apparatus of machine tool
1193 4,338,659 Position control system for a closed loop type numerical-controlled machine tool
1194 4,335,498 Machine tool
1195 4,335,296 Machine tool with a laser beam cutting device
1196 4,325,015 Dual motor drive for machine tool
1197 4,324,162 Machine tool having hollow main spindle and bar stock feeding mechanism
1198 4,323,098 Method for controlling position of a plurality of machining shafts each including a machine tool fitted thereto
1199 4,316,684 Machining unit for use in machine tool
1200 4,314,330 Machine tool data system
21 Machine tool for having a spindle-head carrier and a spindlehead which is supported swingably thereon
22 Numerical controlled machine tool making intermediate measurements
23 Adaptive control system for machine tool or the like
24 Machine tool with automatic tool change function
25 Arrangement for automatically changing clamping jaws of the chuck of a machine tool

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